Author: Rick Body / Editor: Govind Oliver / Codes: HAP29 / Published: 18/12/2020

Find the right mentor in Emergency Care Research: The NIHR Incubator is here to help

A career in Emergency Care where you spend at least part of your working life doing research has lots of great advantages. It’s very fulfilling to know that you have the chance to work on the advances that could improve the future health and emergency healthcare of our patients for many years to come. It also makes working in this intense field more sustainable.

In a field where there isn’t a big critical mass of senior clinical academics, one of the biggest challenges can be finding the best mentorship to help you to succeed in pursuing this career. Good mentorship is crucial if you’re going to be successful in developing an academic career. We all need advice from people who’ve got the experience of walking down the road you’re setting off on.

Sometimes, the opportunities for the best mentorship involve working with those mentors, wherever they may be. However, not everyone is geographically mobile and has the option to move. This is where we hope that the NIHR Incubator for Emergency Care may be able to help. We offer access to a national database of potential mentors. If you’re looking to build an academic career in this field, you may wish to browse our database to see if there’s a mentor whose research experience matches well with your own aspirations. All of the mentors listed here have consented to post their profile online at the incubator website. If you’d like to approach them about mentorship, you can contact the NIHR Academy and we will put you in touch.