Trauma ibook – an introduction

Author: Charlotte Davies / Codes: HMP3, CMP3, CMP5, HMP5, PMP5, C3AP1A, HAP26, C3AP1D, CMP3, PMP4, CP3AP1E Published: 05/04/2019

This iBook is structured according to the ATLS 10th edition chapters. Why have we done this when ATLS (Advanced Trauma Life Support) is often considered “archaic” and not to be recommended. Well, we’ve done it because I firmly believe that ATLS provides a core basis and structure for everyone to use to provide excellent trauma care. Hand on heart, I’ve not been in many hospitals where the ATLS principles have been followed for every trauma case.

The majority of times that doesn’t matter. Sometimes it does. Once you’ve got ATLS principles firmly ingrained in your head and your practice, then newer and different trauma care and knowledge can be used – and RCEMLearning has produced many suggestions for how and what that advanced trauma care can be. So ATLS provides a structure, and a framework to hang your extra knowledge on – just like it is providing a structure for the RCEMLearning Trauma book.

If you’re new to trauma, read this book, and complete your ATLS course. It’ll stand you in good stead. Other courses do exist, and are fabulous too. The European Trauma Course builds on parallel assessment skills to provide further knowledge. The Nurses have their own specific courses.

Enjoy the iBook!

Apple iBook version
PDF version

All the content in the ibook is already on RCEMLearning, except the student and instructors guide to ATLS, which you can find here.

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