RCEM Blog Book 2

Codes: CAP14, CC15, CC17, CC2, CC21, CC23, CC24, CC25, CC3, CC4, CC5, CC8, HAP14, PAP9 / Published: 18/12/2017

This is the second in the series of iBooks that will be released to allow people to download and read the blog material from RCEMLearning in small bitesize chunks. This book includes three blogs again: Temp Taking and how to Take it by Andy Neill, A new Dawn for Stroke Patients by Nikki Abela, and Arrest Asthma by James Yates. We hope you enjoy it and look out for more books to be released soon.

Here is the link to the iBook on the iBook store

Here is the pdf version of the book for those not using an Apple device

We hope you enjoy it and look out for more books to be released soon.

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  1. Valmiki Nagaraj says:

    Quite an useful and practical tips for managing asthma arrest- manual chest compression to exhale the air was worth noting

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