Q: What do I need to login to access?

A: Everything in the ‘Exams & CPD’ section (learning sessions, SAQs, CPD diary) is password-protected for RCEM members.

Q: What content is open access?

A: A lot of content is open access! You don’t need a password or login details to access the following content types; Reference (etextbook), FOAMed (podcasts and blogs), cases (MCQ or single best answers clinical cases), critical appraisal and the curriculum map.

Q: What’s the best way to find stuff?

A: Use the search function (look for the magnifying glass) or work through the curriculum map. Every content item on RCEMLearning is mapped to the curriculum which helps structure searches based on educational level and clinical interests.

Q: How do I prove activity undertaken on RCEMLearning?

A: If you meet or exceed the pass mark on a learning session or SAQ then a certificate will automatically populate your profile (for RCEM members only). For all other content you’ll need to reflect on them in a relevant portfolio (RCEM CPD diary, eportfolio etc.)

Q: How can I trust the content on RCEMLearning?

A: All content is produced and subsequently peer reviewed by members of the EM community. Content is reviewed by the relevant member of our editorial executive prior to publication, and its reviewed within appropriate windows by members of our Editorial Review Board to ensure it remains educationally and clinically relevant.

Q: How do I access the ‘Exams & CPD’ section of the site?

A: Select the tab and you’ll be asked to enter login information. This can either be your RCEMLearning login details or the information you use to login into the main College site.

Q: How do I get full access?

A: Full access to the site is reserved for RCEM members. Please email membership@rcem.ac.uk for guidance about becoming a member.

Q: I’m a member but cant access everything I need to, what should I do?

A: We automatically add new members when we receive notification from the RCEM membership team. If you haven’t heard anything yet please email RCEMLearning@rcem.ac.uk

Q: Where is this?

A: It’s located in the ‘Exams & CPD’ section (bottom option in the dropdown menu).

Q: Who can access this?

A: All RCEM members.

Q: How is it structured?

A: It’s slightly different to the historic diary as it’s now predicated on GMC CPD domains

Q: I’m struggling to enter/export data, who do I need contact?

A: Please email RCEMLearning@rcem.ac.uk and a member of the team will be in touch.

Q: I’d love to contribute something, how do I go about that?

A: Please go to contribute in ‘About Us’ where you’ll find relevant templates and guidance.

Q: I need to send some feedback, how do I that?

A: Please complete the electronic feedback form or drop us an email on RCEMLearning@rcem.ac.uk

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